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St. Peter's Primary School, Plumbridge, Omagh

Safer Schools NI App

22nd Nov 2023

This is another gentle reminder for parents / carers to please download and connect to the Safer Schools NI App. We sent this message out on October 4th and very few adults registered and signed up for the FREE app. As a school we really need to get more parents on board, with part of our School Development Plan we are aiming to use the features and information on this app to better enable parents to understand the importance of online safety with the one goal to safeguard children. We feel the steps below are straightforward to follow, but for any reason if you need help we can assist in school, if required.

As a school, we are continually trying our best to ensure we are keeping our pupils and parents informed of what is happening around the country with regards to Internet Safety. We use our School Web Design app, we also use Seesaw and we know that asking parents to use another app may seem tedious, but it is worthwhile and FREE. We wish to assure you that we would highly encourage all parents to download the Safer Schools NI app for their phone. This app deals with all of the online safety concerns and latest features of the evergrowing online world. Full instructions of how to download and install are explained below, as is the link for their website, in case you wish to check it out. A lot of schools here have already made the move and more are set to follow. We hope you will embrace it too.

Safer Schools Northern Ireland

Are you a parent or carer using the Safer Schools NI App?

These steps will apply to all parents, carers, and staff members.

Firstly, as an adult user, you'll need to start by creating an account. We do not require the children to do this due to GDPR compliance. Your account is used to allow you to utilise the features within the App. 

STEP 1 - Open the Safer Schools NI App. Select that you are a Parent/Carer.

Note If you are both a parent for a child in one school, and a member of staff in another, you're able to add both roles for both schools to your account. It doesn't matter if you choose staff or parent when you create your account.

STEP 2 - You'll now be prompted for an email address and password. If this is your first time, select 'Create an Account' in the box underneath the log in bar. Enter your name, use an email address you have access to and create a password. This could be your personal email address or a school one if you're a teacher.

STEP 3 - Once filled, click 'Register'. You'll then see a terms and conditions pop-up. Once this has been agreed to, your new account has been created and you'll be directed to the 'Add School Or Roles' page.
Note: These are the details you will use whenever you need to log in. Forgotten your password? Not a problem! Head to our article here to find out how to reset it.

STEP 4: Now you're logged in, we need to add your role or roles. This corresponds to your role within the school community. Once you've logged in for the first time, you'll be prompted to 'Add School'. These codes can be obtained from your school Admin Account holders. Each role has its own Entry Code and QR Code unique to each school.

Our Code is 7650!

Note All content is age and role appropriate, so as a parent you may see slightly different features or content, or have different capabilities than you do as a staff member.

Once you have the relevant one, enter the code or scan the QR code. You will then immediately be logged in to the corresponding role. These roles will be stored on your account until such a time as you need to remove them.

Note The Scan QR code option will open an in App camera to scan it with. This is the one that must be used otherwise it will not work.

How do I use my codes?

The 4 digit PIN number or the QR entry codes are provided by the school, and are unique to every school. 

Note The Service Team at INEQE Safeguarding Group and Safer Schools will not be able to give out school entry codes for security reasons. If you're in need of a code, please contact your School.