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St. Peter's Primary School, Plumbridge, Omagh

Gardening Club is back!

2nd Oct 2019

Our gardening club has started back this week with many hoping to reap the benefits of their hard work back in spring. Annie Mullan has again given her time up to help the gardeners and ensure they can get the best return possible. Our first day back began with some simple maintenance of the poly tunnel by making sure any of the weeds that have sprouted up were cut back, followed by some harvesting.

Unfortunately due to being closed over the holidays our peas and beans were scorched, however the stock is not a waste. Inedible for us now, but perfect for storing to plant a little earlier this year to ensure a decent return before the holidays. We have five drills of potatoes and decided we would upturn one of those to check our return and it was abundant! We look forward to cooking those in school on Thursday and tasting them. Carrots, beets, chard and sprouts are still looking good and we will make sure to try some of those on Thursday too.

For planting this year we have managed to secure some much needed funds so look out for the school improvements over the next few weeks.