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St. Peter's Primary School, Plumbridge, Omagh

Cash for Clobber

9th May 2019

This year we are partaking in the 'Cash for Clobber' scheme. The scheme is aimed at raising awareness of textile recycling among children and to show how essential it is for everyone in the ‘developed world’ to reduce, reuse and recycle. Most of the waste textiles produced in the UK and Ireland end up in landfill sites – large holes in the ground where all our rubbish is dumped.

Every year, 1 million tonnes of clothes that could be reused are buried in these landfill sites. This is bad for the environment as we are running out of space to dispose of this rubbish and the landfills that already exist are giving off harmful gases which contribute to global warming.

Synthetic (man-made) products do not break down and decompose in landfill. Woollen garments (natural) do decompose but give off harmful gases and 80% of all clothes thrown away in the UK and Ireland can be reused.

We are asking parents that may want to 'get rid' of old clothes and textiles in an environmentally friendly way to do so at school. We are finally in the third term, short sleeves and shorts weather is approaching (we hope)!! You can help us by simply recycling all types of clothing and shoes (pairs only please), household textiles and handbags. We can't accept duvets or pillows, but we will take everything else. Cookstown Textile Recyclers are a partner with Eco-Schools NI and will pay the school 40p per kilo. We are keen advocates for charity here, but on this one occasion we would ask that, if you can help, please do. Any monies raised will be used solely for the upkeep of our school garden.

We welcome you to drop off any bags of old clothes or garments into the school over the next few weeks, right up until the end of May. We will then make the necessary arrangements to have our collection lifted by CTR.

Many thanks for your support,

The Eco-Council.